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wilco wrote a review about Club One Casino in Fresno, CA

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Removing all jackpots really unmotivates people. With a jackpot It's like this hopeful aspect that keeps people playing. At least a table jackpot would be great. But really how often does anyone ever hit the big main jackpot. C'mon how much profit do you need. Enough isn't enough anymore. Greed can backfire on you. I like all the staff. I really do. Matt is an excellent floor person and energetically manages all aspects with humor. You're getting your money's worth with that employee. The dealers are all nice too for the most part but they deal with a lot of stuff but they all need to pay attention to the game and not let people act out of turn or speaking different languages while they're in a hand just keep the rules going and manage the game so no one gets screwed because of a neglectful table manager. I used to run mental health programs so I know all about positive energetic management and just how many problems can arise especially from the employees. Anyway I am a committed player to club one. I appreciate the coffee tea etc. How about some fruit in the restaurant. I'd prefer that with my breakfast instead of sausages or bacon. Keep your players healthy and they can continue to contribute to your livelihood longer. I love the blue berries strawberries etc. Thanks much Kyle Kirkland ( aka pocket kings). Signing off a devoted patron since 2001. Anthony H. PS my son is also a player and likes the bigger tournaments. So how about a monthly big tournament. The club makes money and the players like it. Two fold!!! Wilco over and out

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