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wilco wrote a review about Club One Casino in Fresno, CA

The very nice and very tolerant Club One employees

Every single employee at Club One does a fantastic job each and everyday.   Sometimes they can get really really busy. So if they seem short with you, cut them some slack and don't get mad at them If they seem like  they are in a hurry and maybe somewhat stressed out, because they probably are. They are human beings not robots. Gambling and alcohol can create a volatile environment. I am amazed and impressed with the ability of the dealers to maintain the table5 while they are dealing the cards and helping the game to proceed as needed. They have to watch each and every player to make sure that they are following the rules.  They do this while- people are attempting to dialogue with them and not only from the table. All the employees are working in this volatile environment and that includes the sanitation staff the security guards the waitresses, the floor persons, all the administrative staff, and all other support staff, etc. No matter what,  all these employees continue to be very nice and very tolerant with the customers and the various situations that may arise at any given time.  Wilco. Alias: two bit chiseler

I don't know if this review will be submitted after I hit the submit. (I did submit this review previously to some alternate communicative options)

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