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tothetop wrote a review about Encore Boston Harbor in Everett, MA

anyone who rates this place over 1 star is braindead poker wise

Highest rake in the country. EARTH TO YOU IDIOTS WHO PLAY HERE YOU CAN NOT BEAT THIS RAKE IT IS MATHEMATICALLY IMPOSSIBLE UNLESS YOU ARE ALWAYS AT A DEEP STACKED TABLE. If you cant beat the rake guess who wins? A few outliers and the casino, 95% of players will lose. And the promos are just a slap in the face as you are already losing far too much in the rake alone. Even if everyone buys in for the max the rake is too much per hour for the game to beatable in the long run. You are better off at a home game. All home games have a match the stack option of at minimum 80% or the cap will be optional scenario depending (if i lose my stack of $1250 in 2.5k pot in a home game aint no one saying a @#$% thing if i say give me 2k). Home games with high rake are beatable for a reason, way more money on the table.

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EBH Poker is Open 24 Hours Every Day!

May Promotions
Sun High Hands
11am to 10pm $500/Every 30 minutes

Mon High Hands May 6, 13, 20
11am to 3pm $500/Every 20 minutes

Mon High Hands May 27
11am to 10pm $500/Every 30 minutes

Tue High Hands
11am to 10pm $500/Every 30 minutes

Wed High Hands
11am to 10pm $500/Every 30 minutes

Thu High Hands
11am to 10pm $500/Every 30 minutes

May Tournaments-Registration Opens 1 Hour Before Tournament Starts
No Tournament Monday May 27th
Mon-4:15pm $300 25k Chips/20 Min Levels
Wed -10:15am $300 25k Chips/25 Min Levels
Fri- 10:15am $420 30k Chips/25 Min Levels


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