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BASSCRUISER wrote a review about Encore Boston Harbor in Everett, MA

Encore Poker not there yet

A recent reviewer indicated:
1. Encore can charge any rake they want. Not true, the rake is regulated by the Mass. Gaming commission, which allows Encore to rake up to 10% $10 per pot max. One has to ask how the gaming commission allowed this and didn't somehow tie it to industry norms or at least regional norms. I suspect the lack of gaming experience on the board may have contributed to letting Encore get the upper hand here as they have now maxed out their rake opportunity at the expense of the poker customer. Every rake in Vegas runs about $5 while regionally I believe it varies between $5-$8.

2. I don't believe they are doing this outrageous rake to keep out the riff raff although perhaps to keep the volume down and maximize their profit of just 24 tables. If it was competitive they would be overburdened as they don't want players taking up parking spots and don't want more tables at least right now. Hopefully this will change when they move poker across the street, although I believe it might be wishful thinking. They want as many slots as they can squeeze in due to the profit margins. We authorized a resort casino and not a slot parlor. The MGC needs to get a fair deal here with the rake. There is enough demand if the poker room was competitive to fill the original 74 tables or so they had with great tournaments and good & fair cash tables. They promised jobs as well and with 24 tables vs 74 tables there is numerous dealers not employed and replaced by the ding ding of slots.

Cmon MGC and Encore Boston Harbor. Lets fix this!

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June Promotions

Sun High Hands
11am to 8pm $500/Every 30 minutes
8pm to 12am $300/Every 30 minutes

Mon High Hands
11am to 3pm $500/Every 20 minutes

Tue High Hands
11am to 8pm $500/Every 30 minutes
8pm to 12am $300/Every 30 minutes

Wed High Hands
11am to 8pm $500/Every 30 minutes
8pm to 12am $300/Every 30 minutes

Thu High Hands
11am to 8pm $500/Every 30 minutes
8pm to 12am $300/Every 30 minutes

June Tournaments-Registration opens 1 hour Before Tournament Starts
Mon-4:15pm $300 25k Chips/20 Min Levels
Wed -10:15am $300 25k Chips/25 Min Levels
Fri- 10:15am $420 30k Chips/25 Min Levels

BAD BEAT JACKPOT $108,570.51

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