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El Maestro wrote a review about Encore Boston Harbor in Everett, MA

Only Comp is Incompetence.

Encouragement, insight, and feedback fall on deaf ears, blank faces, and delusional people.

I attempted to address my concerns with a manager of table games (poker room managers are fine with treading water), asking him if he's concerned with the increasingly negative reviews of the casino, and poker room. He wasn't.

Instead, he openly admitted to being in the business 30 years (clearly you lost ya fast ball), and said the negative reviews, and youtube videos by poker pros, are being made by people looking for financial gain.

No, they're not, you moron.

In this room we deal with floor staff that appear to be on tranquilizers, being raked over the coals, short changed in pots by inept dealers, and asked to take it with a smile.

@#$% Off!

All you morons who played thru drilling and construction deserve to be excommunicated from the poker community.

I never met so many losers who are okay with being treated like @#$%, and still enable their abusers.

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EBH Poker is Open 24 Hours Every Day!

April Promotions
Sun High Hands
11am to 10pm $500/Every 30 minutes

Mon High Hands April 22 and 29
11am to 3pm $500/Every 20 minutes

Tue High Hands
11am to 10pm $500/Every 30 minutes

Wed High Hands
11am to 4pm, 8pm to 12am $500/Every 30 minutes

Thu High Hands
11am to 10pm $500/Every 30 minutes

April Tournaments-Registration opens 1 hour Before Tournament Starts
Mon-4:15pm $300 25k Chips/20 Min Levels
Wed -10:15am $300 25k Chips/25 Min Levels
Fri- 10:15am $420 30k Chips/25 Min Levels


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