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patsfan1968 wrote a review about Encore Boston Harbor in Everett, MA

poker room Suggestion to re-open

I was contacted and the casino stated it will decide at year end if they would re-open room. But I think there needs to be a Mix in the poker room so it can make mines for the square foot allocation.
If they have 10-15 tables set up for Sit and gos, Rey was the amount of cash tables and increase the daily tournaments, money would pour in. the sit and gos ranging from 75-200 buy in the average most sit and go lasts 1 hour with 10 minutes blinds. The rake could be 2 seats of the 8 and that would greatly increase the profitability.
Most charity events that used to run in mass and Nh were turning the tables quickly, cash games are a loss to the casino and should be used to fill dead time like off hours, I just want to play poker again here until poker comes back I will play only the EPT. The only way they can tell if it works try it out...

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