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ROTJob wrote a review about Flamingo in Las Vegas, NV

Extremely soft but not a testosterone-fest

This room is easily one of the worst on the strip as far as aesthetics. All the walls are mirrored and the TVs were on local channels, one showing a black & white movie, one showing an infomercial, and another showing a re-run of Oprah. On another visit I noticed they did also show actual sporting events. Chairs were average. Tables were the longer 10 person tables, but with 9 players which was very nice. It made it a little hard to see the cards from the corners though. The chips were also excellent. High quality and not disgusting with grime. Bathrooms were quite a hike from the poker room.

This is the best game I found in town. At most of the lower end games, there is a huge issue with 1-2NL where certain types (young hotshot frat boy types) will push all-in with complete rags and hit their flops most of the time. In this room, people were not afraid to fold to an aggressive preflop raise and very few hands went to an all-in situation. This is not because the players were better than other places, it is because they were scared to call large raises. If you play standard ABC poker and bet the pot odds and make your continuation bets, you will pull more pots than you lose. There were locals here, but they were only interested in clocking enough time to play the weekly freeroll, and they were not looking to get mixed up in big hands for their entire stack.

Dealers were very professional and I did not notice any mistakes being made.

Cocktail service was super fast because there is a bar inside the poker room. The waitresses make one continuous circle around the room, so you are never without a drink for more than a few minutes. Drink quality is on par with other Caesar's properties. They are a little weak and small, but they keep bringing them as long as you keep asking.

Nothing bad to report here. The check-in list was well-managed and I did not see anyone call for the floor to make a call.

Standard Caesar's total rewards system. They do have a weekly free roll if you clock enough hours and they had high hand bonuses, but many on them only paid on limit games, which made no sense to me.

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jpoul wrote a review about Flamingo in Las Vegas, NV

flamingo fun

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