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balt999 wrote a review about Flamingo in Las Vegas, NV

Old School Room -- Terrible Dealers!!!

Decent quality room...It fit the look of the entire casino..old school...not too much glitz or glamour..just a place to play poker.

had a couple of drunks at my 1-2 NL table, but as soon as they left the table got very tight...not a lot of action.

This is where I was very disappointed...I was amazed at how badly these dealers were..Mainly at controlling the table. We had two drunks pretty much running the table..string bets, string raises allowed to happen. People chatting during the hand with multiple players..Dealers just sat there doing nothing! When one drunk busted...the other drunk wanted to give him some of his chips, the dealers were going to allow it until I spoke up! Just terrible!

Never got a drink...never noticed them...

No problems here...they got my seat fairly quickly...But more interested in catering to their 2-4 Limit Local crowd that seem to infest this poker room

Total Rewards -- $1 an Hr...pretty standard.

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jpoul wrote a review about Flamingo in Las Vegas, NV

flamingo fun

great room for fun and friendly action. quality dealers who are here year after year . games move along well and if... Read More