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IAPETE wrote a review about Flamingo in Las Vegas, NV

Solid Room

I like the location of this room with respect to how close it is to both room elevators and the strip. The location and design can and does attract railbirds. Electronic list is a plus along with autoshufflers. Plenty of well-positioned flat screen TVs.

Average competition. Previously I would have classified the competion here as easy. Of course, I could have just gotten worse!

Solid dealers. No real problems. Some have a little more personality than others (I tend to like a little personality in my dealers as long as they don't get carried away).

This rating is simply based on frequency, speed, and accuracy of service. This is not the place for "eye candy" cocktail waitresses.

I have always liked the management here. They are friendly, professional, and always encouraging railbirds to play.

Comps now go onto your Total Rewards card and are much easier to use. Aces cracked promotion usually from 4 a.m. to 4 p.m. if I'm not mistaken. High hand jackpots. Also, only 4 hours of play required to qualify for freeroll tournaments. I think, but am not sure, that they have 4 freerolls per week. I believe 3 are for $1,000 and 1 is for $2,000 but I could be wrong on that. I would have played in one or two if they hadn't conflicted with shows my wife and I attended.

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jpoul wrote a review about Flamingo in Las Vegas, NV

flamingo fun

great room for fun and friendly action. quality dealers who are here year after year . games move along well and if... Read More