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16 Tables
Monday-Thursday 11am-3am; Friday 1pm-6am, Saturday-Sunday 1pm-3am
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AlyceaJ wrote a review about Freerolls Katy in Katy, TX

Classy and affordable in the same space

I love this room. Food, wine, beer, snacks, soft drinks, tea, coffee, and water are all complimentary; mixed drinks are served at a low cost. Most of the staff treats you like they're super glad you are there and can't wait to see you again. I can play for 12 hours or more if I want for $20 for entire day. Pinging player 10 only 10% up to $10 cap for my winning hands is way better to me than paying $16.50 an hour, especially, if I'm running bad. I don't look at it as losing $10 when I win a $400 dollar pot - I look at it as winning $390, not losing $10. Hahaha
I guess it depends on a person's mindset - scarcity mind set or abundance mind set. I've heard some complain about the 10%, but it's funny to me because those same folks can be found playing in illegal places that feel unsafe, where there is an actual "rake" for up to $15/20 or no cap at all. In terms of legality a rake and a ping are two different things. People who argue semantics or have negative attitude toward the new model seem to have other motives and the pettiness is super obvious.
My advice consider the sources of information you gather. Winning player or losing? Generally a positive person or a dramatic exaggerator and negative person? ("I was murdered in parking lot" or a person that down right lies - "my car was broken into there and they didn't care")
I can be found at this room many days a week. Security is always visible and walks every player out who would like and none of us have ever heard of a break in.
A jealous game runner or ex game runner (competitor) or a real customer?
A person who has an abundance mind set, is generous, and playing for enjoyment OR a greedy, scarcity mind set person who is hoping to turn their "not enough" into just enough? (never gonna happen with a scarcity mind set).

I love the players there, the fun action, and most of the staff is on point. There is always room for improvement, but on the whole it is a great club that offers more than poker!

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We are back at our Home location. Come join us!!



Regular Hours:
Mon - Thur: 11am to 3am (or later if games are still going)
Fri: 11am to 6am
Sat - Sun: 1pm to 3am

Cash Games:
1/3, 2/5, 5/5, 5/10, and 10/25 NLH
1/3 NLH + One Hand PLO and 1/3 NLH + 2 Hands PLO
1/3 and 2/5 ROE
1/3, 5/5, and 10/25 PLO
Additional Games Available by Request.

AAAA Aces Cigar Lounge is now Open!! AAAA

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Guru09 wrote a review about Freerolls Katy in Katy, TX


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