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I worked at FreeRolls previously and now am back because the new managers and owners are running the show. Disgruntled ex employees like to spread rumors and lies but I am there and have seen how first rate FreeRolls does things now and how the players love it! I actually heard jdauphin say the club would not survive without the but it is better than ever for staff and especially the players.

Last night the fire alarm went off by accident and one of the new managers who is a former fireman handled everything like a pro. It was a false alarm but he did have us all stand outside for a while just to make sure everyone was ok. He then updated the players and staff like every 10 minutes while fire department reset alarm. One of the owners was on the phone the whole time and his wife was on site with us keeping everyone laughing and relaxed.

After all was said and done, the owners refunded any players who wanted to leave the tournament and made special bonuses for players who wanted to still play!

While none of this has to do with poker it does speak to the caliber of people who are in charge and trust me ... them getting rid of jdauphin was the best thing ever. The club was good while they were there but jdauphin and his wife as managers treated us employees who wouldn't kiss their butts like dirt and that's one of the reasons the owners got rid of them!

FreeRolls owners treat players and staff really good and it's a great place to play. Haters are going to talk but since the new managers and owners are running things this place is even more great poker!

Try it out and see for yourself how great of a club this is!

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  • We appreciate your comments and feedback. That was a crazy night but fortunately everything was resolved quickly and our management and ownership did a great job in dealing with our players! We take everything in stride and truly strive to make things enjoyable and fun for our players - even when things don't go perfect. :-) Look forward to seeing you soon!

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A A A A Aces Cigar Lounge is now Open!! A A A A

Mon through Thurs: 11am to 3am
Fri, Sat, and Sun: 11am to 6am

Cash Games:
*** Daily Happy Hour Specials from 11am - 2pm ***

1/3, 2/5, 5/5, 5/10, and 10/25 NLH
1/3 NLH + One Hand PLO and 1/3 NLH + 2 Hands PLO
1/3 ROE
1/3, 5/5, and 10/25 PLO
Additional Games Available by Request.

New Tournament Schedule:
**** FreeRolls Tournaments will resume on Oct 14th (after the Texas Showdown - Ladies Poker Series) **** All tournaments use the Big Blind Ante format

Ladies International Poker Series (LIPS)

Thurs, Oct 10th @ 7pm:
$165 NLH Tournament -- $165 Buy-in
Fri, Oct 11th @ 11am:
$235 Seniors (age 50+) NLH Tournament -- $235 Buy-in
Fri, Oct 11th @ 7pm:
$125 "Charity" Tag Team Switch NLH Tournament -- $125 Buy-in
Sat @ 11am:
$350 LIPS Championship NLH Tournament -- $350 Buy-in
Sat @ 7pm:
$210 Bounty Builder NLH Tournament -- $210 Buy-in
Sun @ 11am:
$165 LIPS Ladies NLH Tournament -- $165 Buy-in

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Hourly Security Access Fee:
$15 (only $7 from 11am to 2pm everyday)

Daily Processing Fee
*** Ask about our Access Packages !!! ***

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