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  • Freerolls Poker Club - Katy

I played at Prime Social all of the time but started playing at FreeRolls when they closed. I AM NOT GOING BACK TO PRIME!


FreeRolls has a massive parking lot and the main club is on the 2nd floor with wraparound windows. You can actually see the sunlight and it feels very upscale. The security walks everyone to their car and one night I was there one of the owners actually made an announcement that security would walk us out even if we didn't want them to. I respect that!

The place that they have put together in Katy is so incredible. It looks very high end but where Prime missed the mark FreeRolls nailed it. FreeRolls feels like a home game in a very, very nice, comfortable and cozy living room. This may sound weird but the colors are the NUTZ. The floors, walls and carpet a very sexy kind of brown and cream color and they play off of each other to give a "home" kind of feel.

And the biggest thing about FreeRolls that has them killing Prime --- the CUSTOMER SERVICE IS THE BEST IN TOWN! Prime herded us like cattle. It really felt like "just give us your money" but FreeRolls feels like --- welcome friend --- its good to see you.

One of the ladies in the main cage is the owners wife and she knows everybody by name and is always happy, alert and smiling. She always says hey "name" and we missed you, welcome and hello. I love that!

Prime Social is a nice club but the people really aren't. They are really busy and they just don't seem to care as long as they are getting $16 an hour from us.

Overall. Prime is good but FreeRolls feels like a much better and safer place to play.

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A A A A Aces Cigar Lounge is now Open!! A A A A

Mon through Thurs: 11am to 3am
Fri, Sat, and Sun: 11am to 6am

Cash Games:
*** Daily Happy Hour Specials from 11am - 2pm ***

1/3, 2/5, 5/5, 5/10, and 10/25 NLH
1/3 NLH + One Hand PLO and 1/3 NLH + 2 Hands PLO
1/3 ROE
1/3, 5/5, and 10/25 PLO
Additional Games Available by Request.

New Tournament Schedule:
**** FreeRolls Tournaments will resume on Oct 14th (after the Texas Showdown - Ladies Poker Series) **** All tournaments use the Big Blind Ante format

Ladies International Poker Series (LIPS)

Thurs, Oct 10th @ 7pm:
$165 NLH Tournament -- $165 Buy-in
Fri, Oct 11th @ 11am:
$235 Seniors (age 50+) NLH Tournament -- $235 Buy-in
Fri, Oct 11th @ 7pm:
$125 "Charity" Tag Team Switch NLH Tournament -- $125 Buy-in
Sat @ 11am:
$350 LIPS Championship NLH Tournament -- $350 Buy-in
Sat @ 7pm:
$210 Bounty Builder NLH Tournament -- $210 Buy-in
Sun @ 11am:
$165 LIPS Ladies NLH Tournament -- $165 Buy-in

Annual Membership Processing Fee:

Hourly Security Access Fee:
$15 (only $7 from 11am to 2pm everyday)

Daily Processing Fee
*** Ask about our Access Packages !!! ***

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