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Superknit1337 wrote a review about Grand Sierra in Reno, NV

Friendly local place

I played the first week of january so it's not exactly a "tourist" month so I would assume that more tourists would play here during the peak season. As such, there were lots of locals and regulars more than I anticipated. The dealers were friendly and knew most of the players except myself but they were patient with newbies and took the time to care about the poker players.

Free soda/water and they serve lunch/dinner at designated times buffet style; of course, you can earn comps to eat elsewhere with your players card. Limited action 1-2NL; although my table for a few nights were kind of dead with no fast action; any raises above $12 seldom got a call, unless you get a new person to join; as the regulars won't call you without a premium hand. Promos are good, typical quad, straight flush payouts; rake a bit high compared to Vegas, but its better than CA rakes.

It's definitely not LOTTO poker like CA so you can't win or lose much; if you like your pocket AA's to be called by 8 people with random cards even if you raised 10x the big blind, then this room is not it. If you want to play solid poker with some random luck and skilled players, this might be for you.

Managers are awesome and take care of the dealers and players; they are very at tentative and care about the room, which is good. I still prefer the Atlantis over GSR with the player pool; I hope they both continue and get business.

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