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SpikeMcAwesome wrote a review about Grand Sierra in Reno, NV


Played a tournament there tonight and this could be the only room in the country where tournament players are not allowed to use their phones ever, at all, during a tournament. This is stupid in and of itself, but maybe not necessarily a deal-breaker on playing there again. So I asked one of the dealers why this was a rule, and she said because the players who are on their phones slow down the game and it makes it harder for the dealers. It's a really horrible idea to make a player-unfriendly rule just because your dealers aren't capable of controlling a game, but again, if this is the way they want to run their room, so be it.

But then it got better. As the game was going on, I noticed dealers who:

- Didn't ensure calls were made in the proper amount, so the pots weren't right.

- Didn't pay attention to where the button was, and a few times made the same player post blinds.

- Didn't notice when players didn't post blinds.

- Didn't race off small denomination chips during a break.

- Spent nearly 5 minutes of a level trying to get the floor's attention on how to fix the above non-raced off chips, only to be given the most obvious answer in the world.

- Didn't pay attention to the action and had no idea who checked on where the action was.

In short, this room enforces a rule that punishes players because their dealers aren't capable of doing their jobs properly. There are better options in town. Find somewhere else to play.

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