The Greyhound Casino & Tavern formerly Seabrook Poker Room

(603) 474-3065
Minimum Age:
Poker Tables:
25 Tables
Mon-Wed: noon-1am
Thu-Sun: 11am-1am
  • The Greyhound Casino & Tavern

Hot as ballz inside.

Other rooms are cool, it was nice here till the warm weather. Why anyone shows up when it is hot i have no idea.

Sometimes the air will come on but sometimes not

Otherwise it is a fun room. Good dealers good staff

Sometimes it is tough to get a beverage. No waitress service you have to go to the bar and get your own stuff

Announcements from The Greyhound Casino & Tavern


SATURDAY August 24th
The Greyhound's $150 Poker Tournament
1:00pm Start Time
25,000 Starting Chips
30 Minute Blinds (Starting 100-100)
Registration Until 2:40pm!!
August 5th-31st CASH BASH and HIGH HANDS!!

MONDAY (High Hand)
$300 3pm-6pm (1 Payout)
$400 6pm-10pm ($200 Payouts Every 2 Hours)

$300 3pm-6pm (1 Payout)
$1000 6pm-10pm (4 Payouts of $250 at 10pm)

FRIDAY (Cash Bash)
$700 12pm-1pm (1 Payout)
$600 1pm-5pm (2 Payouts of $300 at 5pm)
$600 5pm-9pm (2 Payouts of $300 at 9pm)
$500 9pm-11pm (1 Payout)

SATURDAY (High Hand)
$700 11am-12pm (1 Payout)
$1200 12pm-8pm ($300 Payouts Every 2 Hours)
$500 8pm-10pm (1 Payout)

*Minimum Qualifier: JACK'S FULL OR BETTER
NO Roll Over
$20 in the Pot Required
Pocket Pair NOT Needed for Quads
Minimum 4 Players Dealt In
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