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bluedreamer wrote a review about Hard Rock Hollywood in Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Floor is incompetent

The day staff is great ...While the night staff is sloppy , dealers are newbies and the Floor makes bad and incorrect rulings ...Doubt I would ever return other than to play a tournament....Has potential if they had the right staff , but seems like to different places at different times shift is professional and courteous while the night shift is sloppy got attitude and has difficulty controlling the table ( Thought I was at commerce) to compound things worse the Floor doesn't have a grasp of the correct rules in poker and makes bad rulings as I witnessed a hand played out where there was 2 all ins board runs out a straight so it was a chopped pot player turned over cards while the other player set his down in front of him never exposed never farther than 6 inches from him ...after a few seconds he flips them over for the chop ...player 1 adamant yells he folded ...but guy never pitched his cards , never brought in by the dealer , never touched the muck , they were inches in front of him , No one touched his cards but him till he flipped them over BY the Rules his hand is Live and it's a chopped pot , but then the floor is called and this Bald guy with little exp rules his hand is dead and awards pot to the player 1 ... who in my opinion was as close to a angle shoot as you could get ...Sad and incorrect ruling ....complete incompetence...if you do go make sure it's in the day ....Sad and disappointing

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