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aeropanther wrote a review about Hard Rock Tampa in Tampa, FL

Limper's Paradise

THE Softest Games in Florida. 1/2 is not worth playing, $8 taken out of each pot, and most of the players buy in for min to chase promotions. All table limps with 100% for the entire range, then checks through the river, including AA, KK, etc. 1/3 is always short handed because players sign up but don't reach the table. People who play 1/3 are the most competent from the crowd but who lack bankroll for 2/5. Lots of kids in hoodies. 2/5 is the juiciest of all, but has a lot of maniacs. It is not uncommon to see AK vs AK all in preflop for 1.5k stacks each.

Floor is interested to maximize the rake revenue here, period. And they go out of the way to make sure they make it obvious. If 24 people show up to play, rather than running 3 full 8-max tables, the floor will run four 6-handed tables. In this way they make more money, and you, the player, are faced with more expensive, and higher variance 6-handed game. They intentionally slow down the line to fill the empty seats in the room, it is not uncommon to have two seats open for 1+ hour. This is all by design with profit seeking intent, my dear reader, not due to negligence or unprofessionalism of the people running the floor.

Food is almost non existent in the poker room, food court is far away, drinks are delivered with condescending attitude with not so subtle requests for tips, dealers are fairly professional.

Conclusion: can't beat the rake at lower stakes, and need a large bankroll to beat the maniacs at medium stakes.

Food and Drink

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Dino555 wrote a review about Hard Rock Tampa in Tampa, FL


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