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fuckusername wrote a review about Hard Rock Tampa in Tampa, FL

The Floors Suck

I've played here a bunch if times over the past 6 months. Every time I visit Tampa, I drop in. What I have found is that, on even, the dealers are friendly and usially good, the waitresses are good, and I have enjoyed the players for the most part. Usually friendly, usually an appropriate level of talk at the table, usually pretty friendly games.

The only downside is that most of the floormen are jackasses. They are generally rude, kurt, do not want to answer questions fully, and are unnecessarily impatient. It is such an odd contrast.

In addition, whoever answers the phones in the poker room are useless. Example: I call in to ask if they have any omaha games, and if there is a board. The answer: there is a 5-5 game, and we do not take call ins for the board. I say...really, no call ins? Response: we haven't done that in 2 years. Ok, thank you.

I get to the room, and there is 2/2 plo as well as a 5/5....for whatever that is worth. But in addition i see people's names on the board with blue marks next to them. I ask the guy at the desk what that is about....apparently you can put your name on the board using the bravo app. I'm like, why wouldn't the person on the phone say anything about this? Like why choose to be as short and noninformative as possible on the phone? It takes 2 seconds to say...we can't take call ins (which is an actually stupid policy), but you can sign up online.

The floors suck at this place. Interacting with them is always the worst part of coming here.


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Dino555 wrote a review about Hard Rock Tampa in Tampa, FL


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