While a little packed, the Hustler seems to have the best decor of all L.A. casinos. It's likely the only one where everyone seems friendly. Just like the Bike, the Hustler has a $300-$1000 buy-in on the 5/5 NLHE. I just wish they'd make their 2/3 a 100bb+ cap as well instead of the obnoxious $50-$100 spread. Not sure why the 3-5 is $100- 300, but LA seems to have a thing for short-stacking. Competition is decent and the players seem social. Food is comped at the 5/5.

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Announcements from Hustler Casino

High Hand Mania is on at HUSTLER Casino, and now we're adding ANOTHER day to increase your chances of winning! Every Sunday, Monday, Tuesday AND Wednesday in June, Every 20 Minutes, Every Even Hour, $200 in Cash will go to the highest Poker High Hand!

12pm-3am starting Sunday, June 2nd through Wednesday, June 26th.
Qualifying High Hands: Aces full of Deuces or higher.

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