While a little packed, the Hustler seems to have the best decor of all L.A. casinos. It's likely the only one where everyone seems friendly. Just like the Bike, the Hustler has a $300-$1000 buy-in on the 5/5 NLHE. I just wish they'd make their 2/3 a 100bb+ cap as well instead of the obnoxious $50-$100 spread. Not sure why the 3-5 is $100- 300, but LA seems to have a thing for short-stacking. Competition is decent and the players seem social. Food is comped at the 5/5.

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The Most Anticipated Tournament in the 21st Century! Larry Flynt’s Strike It Rich Tournament Series! November 17 - 29, 2019! All new player friendly format and structures!

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