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trippinted wrote a review about Hustler Casino in Gardena, CA

Great Staff

Genuinely good staff - top to bottom. Larry would be proud. (He'd reduce the rake by a couple chips though..?)

The ability to watch the high roller poker game, live on their TVs (with a delay + it's online) is actually some of the best televised poker I've seen, in terms of the camera shots, hole cams and hand tracking. The players are in there shoving 10k with Q high more often than I would've thought- don't know if that's good or just scary for you... Must be nice, though. I've seen one no- limit day and a few limit nights and there seems to be a good following.

PS: the Omaha is fun and and you don't have to risk too much money... Every 45 mins is 20 dollar b-o-m b pot with two simultaneous boards so you have plenty of opportunities to sweat.

There aren't any tournaments but that's nice for cash players and I think the Hollywood holds a Daily, that's on Atlas with a 10 -11 am registration (I think) and it's $120 but it will likely be slow for a month or east, because the BIkE is doing WSOP circuit events all month (not good ones) they are just robbing both casual players and gamblers.

Lower limit cash games from $40 buy-in to games with typical 1-2k in NL and PLO gets decent Jackpot odds: 100-500 buy in there and lower limit Omaha and some Big O promotions - its eight or better though and I think that's a mistake with 5 cards but maybe because I got crushed yesterday in that game. I'll try anything twice though.

Hustler is solid for the week or two I've playing here. Beautiful women, loose cash games- I mean what else do you need.

Security is respectful as well- parking lot is safe and plenty of spaces close to the entrance if you're worried but if you are just ask for an escort.


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Tenormen wrote a review about Hustler Casino in Gardena, CA

eh mid

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Fodee2 wrote a review about Hustler Casino in Gardena, CA

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