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Mon: Closed; Tues: 6pm-2am; Wed-Fri: 6pm-4am;Sat: 2pm-4am; Sun: 2pm-2am
Toppsin50 wrote a review about KoJack's in Midland, TX

Customer service and reasonableness

I was on a road trip stopping in different venues when I found myself here. The fees aren’t cheap in this private club. What stopped me from playing was a monthly membership fee. It was $50. I planned on playing two or three hours for 1 night. There is also a daily fee $20 and an hourly fee - $15 per. But that $50 stopped me. My 5 star rating is because the disappointed me wrote an email to them. We went back and forth with me explaining that every Texas Holdem player I know would love to play in Texas. And though I found the fees high it was paying that $50 monthly fee that got my goat. He explained patiently that in Texas they must be a private club etc. I said I understand that, but there must be exceptions for people passing through for one day. I suggested a $5 day fee for membership. He said he’d bring it up with the Board. A few weeks later I wrote again. The board approved waiving the monthly fee for people passing through. Sadly the daily fee and hourly fee still apply. I give them 5 stars for listening and making changes that help us on road trips.


Announcements from KoJack's Poker Club

WE ARE OPEN AND PLAYING 9 HANDED. OUR WINTER MINI SERIES RUNS FROM JANUARY 20th TO THE 24th! $40K GPP MAIN EVENT STARTS JANUARY 22ND! Cash Games everyday. OTB = On The Button Instead of a small and big blind, the button is the single blind posted and action follows around leaving the button with last action. Players may straddle UTG and around. Big O (Hi/Lo game) played as pot limit and same game as Congress by which you have 5 cards dealt to you and you must play 2 only for high and 2 only. If you like big action this is the game for you. $1/3, $5 OTB , $5/5 and $25 OTB games for NLH, PLO and Big O. The Badbeat Jackpot is growing daily! Weekly Tournaments: Tuesday Freezeout 6:30 pm, Wednesday PLO 6:30 pm, Thursday Round of Each 6:30 pm, Saturday Deepstack 2:30 pm and Sunday Bounty 2:30 pm. Come get in this action!

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