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ian4361 wrote a review about Melbourne in Melbourne, FL

Players tried to pressure me into accepting a bad deal at FT

Final tabled a tournament here a while ago. With 7 players remaining, we were all pretty close to even except the chip leader had like 3x more than the rest of us. The deal everyone else somehow agreed on was to give the chip leader 1st place money straight up and the rest of us split the rest. I said no, I want to keep playing. Players looked frustrated and one even said "I'm ready to go home, it's late" We've been playing for less than 4 hours. "Why would you turn down 3rd place money?" It was actually barely over 4th. The chip leader should never just be given the top prize with 7 players remaining and turbo blinds where things can change very quickly.

I had one hand where I grabbed 6 chips and dropped one on the bet line. The other 5 never touched the table, but the dealer said I have to put all 6 chips in because I reached. I've seen people do the same many times and they never have an issue. I didn't fight it because I had trips and my opponent shoved afterwards and I won. It probably looked like an angle but I genuinely still don't understand that ruling.

Other than that I felt really out of place any time I played. At 23 I'm always the youngest at my table which is expected especially in Florida and every single time I play I hear "Are you sure you're old enough?" followed by chuckles from their other daily regular buddies at least once. I know they're joking but get over it, the minimum age is 18, I definitely look over 18. On the same topic, I've had two instances where both the cashier and a dealer had to ask someone to verify I'm old enough... If my birth year starts with the numbers 19 then it should be immediately obvious, it's been that way for 4 years now.

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Announcements from Club 52 Melbourne Greyhound Park

A $15,000 GTD NLH | $130 Buy-in | Mar. 4, 2023 @ 11am
A $24,000 in High Hands | Mar. 18
A Bounty Tournament | $60 Buy-in | Mar. 30 @630pm

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