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Pktaces wrote a review about MGM Grand in Las Vegas, NV

Best of the Best

This is by far the most spacious and well designed room in Las Vegas. There are several beautiful rooms ie Mandalay Bay, Monte Carlo, and Mirage but the ability for people to move around in this room is amazing.

I have played here several times and have won differing amounts each time. The later in the day you go the tighter and more aggressive you need to be.

Did I see mistakes yes. But, everytime I did the dealer aknowledged it and got a decision and the game went on. All of the dealers I have seen there have been friendly and are very personable.

Yes the waitresses are attractive. They are always in the room even when the room was packed you didn't have to wait too long for your drink.

The room is managed great. The list is very easy to see on several plasma screens around the room and you can sign up at places on either side. Except during tournaments when I was asked to sign up at the computer by the lions. What impressed me the most was that when there where mistakes the floor people were consistent.

A dollar an hour if you use a players card seems to be pretty standard in Vegas. But being able to use the comps at almost any resturant in the building is not standard.

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