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DeanRx wrote a review about MGM Grand in Las Vegas, NV

Phil Ivey Wanna be DONKS Unite !!!

I know alot of posters here like this room. I found it to be a little cramped, and the odd shape (of the room) gave me an off vibe. The noise from the adjoining club was not too bad. The tables themselves are kind of odd. They have an indentation area for the dealer's seat. This means if you're in seat #1, #2, or #9, #10, it is hard, if not impossible, to see the players to the opposite side of your dealer. I didn't like that.

Some decent players here. Everyone at least KNEW the game. One of the main reasons I did NOT like this room is the majority of the players are trying (way too hard) to be something they are not. NEWS FLASH - you are NOT Phil Ivey - you are at a 2/4 limit table! Lots of flash, very little cash. I had 4+ players at both the 2/4 and 3/6 limit tables sitting there with the Oakleys on and iPods plugged in. Most bought in for $200+. Get a clue... you're at a 2/4 table! What, need a big chip stack to help your "table image"? The DONK level is off the charts. This guy I met from Texas and I raped these two "high roller" college guys of about $180 in stacks each in a 1/2 hour at a 2/4 limit table! They play fast and loose at Excalibur - at MGM some play STUPID. These guys aren't calling stations, they got you on speed dial. Oh well, easy money if you're willing to put up with fake @#$% wannabe's. Just be ready to hear them tell the whole table what bad beats you laid on 'em. Consider it an ATM service charge for your withdrawl from their bankroll.

Very fast and accurate. They know how to keep control of their tables and move the game on. One dealer even took on the friend of the "wannabe" when he came up to his friend and began a Shakspearean soliloque about his bad beat over at the NL table. Our dealer deadpaned "My heart bleeds for you, sir." to the guy. When the subtle comment was lost on the dunce, the dealer stoped the action on the hand and said, "Sir, either shut the F*ck up and go put your name on the list, or I'm going to start charging you for a therapy session." Me, Texas, and one other guy about @#$% ourselves laughing and each toked him $5 on the spot for putting the DONK in his place.

Yes, they have Red Bull in the can, but you have to ask 3+ times and complain to the floor to get it delivered. They had a bitchy attitude too, this before I ratted them out to the floorman. One dealer commented that the MGM is having big union trouble with their food service / drink personel. Maybe this has something to do with it.

I placed my name on the 2/4 list, with 8 people ahead of me. They offered "we have immediate 3/6 and higher availible" as they had 3 tables out of action and a dealer sitting at one "on his break". This was 10:20 p.m. on a Saturday night, and they didn't want to spread another 2/4 game. 5 of us on the list had to ask for the Poker Room supervisor- and ask that a new 2/4 table be set (the list now had 12+ on it - maybe open a new table, duh). Guess they just want the tables bigger than 2/4. Dont' know why, the rake's a $4 max at all tables, so they make the same per hour regardless of the game spread. I was not very impressed.

Don't know - didn't ask. Hit those two DONKS, played for about 1 hour and I will NOT be back.

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Announcements from MGM Grand

The splashy capital of Las Vegas. Our uncapped 1-2 No Limit Hold 'em games are fun, deep and full of value!!


SATURDAYS - $200 Double Green Chip Bounty - 7:10p
- 25,000 chips, 20-minute levels. Registration open through level 9 or about ~10:15p
- Each player will receive $50 for every knockout.

$130 rebuy + addon events daily @ 11:10am, 7:10pm and 11:10pm
25,000 chips - 50,000 chip add-ons


Progressive High Hand of the Hour - $200/hr minimum
Prize amounts grow by $100 when not hit. Hourly prizes cap out at $599.

$10,000 Mystery PAT
Come play every Thursday for your share of $10,000+ for as little as 15 hours in a live cash game.
There will be 8 bounties amounting to $1,500 total!! These knockout bounties will be randomly placed. The top bounty will be $500!!

$50,000 Lucky Lion Mystery Drawings - 12.25.23 to 2.4.23
♥️♣️♠️♦️198 prizes ranging from $50 to $3,000!!♦️♠️♣️♥️

Drawing Days/Times:
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
8:30a, 9:30a, 10:30a, 6:30p, 7:30p, 8:30p

8:30a, 9:30a, 10:30a, 5:30p, 6:30p, 7:30p, 8:30p, 9:30p, 10:30p

Prizes - As of 12.29.23
💵💵$2,000💵💵 - (3) $299 - (42)
💵💵$1,000💵💵 - (8) $100 - (51)
💵💵$599💵💵 - (16) $50 - (54)

See a poker supervisor for full details!

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