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loose cannon wrote a review about MGM Grand in Las Vegas, NV

Still one of the best for 1-2 NL poker!

The MGM Grand Poker Room is maintained a steady and constant of top-notch quality. Every year I play there the room is consistently clean, well maintained, and comfortable. The stream of people on the rail, the lion cage, and the proximity of the Rainforest Cafe (aquariums) make this room very comfortable to play at. I also enjoy having Starbucks very close by. IMO the MGM Grand Poker room is one of the top rooms to play in.

Competition was neither tough nor super easy. There was a good mixture of good players and bad. Throw in the drunk players and you generally have a table where solid play will pay off. It is very easy to pick out the good players - I simply avoided them without monster hands. I played about 10 sessions (including a 14 hour marathon) and came out way ahead. I had one losing session at MGM during this trip. This is not simply due to good play, but can be chalked up to variance. My last trip I was sucked out on terribly - multiple times. Finally overcame the bad beats and ran pretty good this trip! Bottom line - play here, play solid, don't play too tricky and you will book a winning session.

What can you say? These dealers are awesome, friendly, and technically sound. Devon is perhaps the best dealer in the city when he is on his game. Joe (rides a Harley), John (son is a Marine), red haired Brian, quiet Vince, Mr. Fox - all friendly and good dealers. The entire crew is good. Chino, Phil - both super cool and fun dealers. Chino is awesome - sometimes he even wears the correct name tag!

Never had bad service on any shift. The ladies are friendly and prompt.

If I could give it a 6 I would. Rob Moore, room manager actually introduced himself to me and we chatted awhile. I think it is awesome that he (at times) personally answers tweets (I'm easyrider6482 on Twitter). Each member of management has excellent customer service skills. My friend (and shift manager) Gary Boyd always greets me in a genuine friendy manner - EVERY trip! Michael (on grave) is professional, friendly, and approachable. From the ladies running the check in desk, to all floor managers - this crew rocks!

Now that the room has instituted a $3 comp to valet, I can even more hook up these guys. I add a few bucks to the comp and the valet makes a little more money (on the MGM Grand dime). Also $1 per hour I believe and I have built up somewhere in the vicinity of $250 - which I will use at Craftsteak next trip!

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