It's not one of the place you really think of when you think poker in Vegas but I sure don't get why. A buddy of mine asked me to come over when he was here in town and this is a pretty cool room.

Liked that they really did push doing mixed games and have a nice variety of games there. It's good to see a nice amount of people not just playing NLH. Nice job to them on that.

The staff is very good as well. Easy seating, definitely showed they were happy to have you there and wanted to keep you happy. Dealers I had did very well too so no complaints.

The room itself is pretty spectacular too. It's in a very good area of the casino and wide open so you feel like you're part of the entire casino's action instead of being stuck off to the side.

Overall, I'd recommend going over there and giving them a shot. Hopefully they can do a little more and get bigger on the scene. From what they showed me, they certainly can do it.

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