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  • MGM National Harbor

Anyone from any city who visits this poker room will be sure to enjoy it. The variety of games and stakes are ever increasing. For example tonight 12/14/17 there was a 200/400 limit game running which is big.

- Action, and action, and action. This is 1 mile from DC inviting so many wealth amateurs and DC types who are happy to donate 2, 3, 4 or more buyins.
- nice comps for regs.
- Deep buy is 500max for 1/3, 1000 max for 2/5, 2500 max for 5/10.
- USB chargers at each seat.
- cheap massages at your seat.
- free parking
- excellent management and dealers
- the food is always excellent.

- Food and drink service at the tables is always slow sometimes it seems like they don't have any cocktail waitresses especially after midnight.
- Choose your table wisely. Even at 1/3 and more so at 2/5 it's common to have at least 2 to 4 regs/grinders and I've had sessions at those stakes that had 7 to 8 good regular players. But on the weekends the fish are a plenty

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