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Rainman wrote a review about Muckleshoot Casino in Auburn, WA

Muckelshoot poker room

This room can be much better still has potential but problem is getting management to see it! Sometimes I think they are trying to fail!

All and all they have a lot of great people that work there and this room should be much better then it is.
Ray floor - Professional , courteous, good at his job
Billy - floor , chip runner - Professional , respectful , attentive ,
Richard - class act great at his job greater dealer and anything he does
James- Great dealer , personable good at his job
Kwa - grade A dealer class act professional , great floor and great dealer
Kim- Excellent dealer , manages her tables perfectly
Juan - Good dealer appreciates customers
Sasha - Good dealer , appreciative , his tables run smoothly
Some floors thier and chip runners there are bringing the casino down. It's almost like they feel like we don't need to care, they will come back anyway. Well for the most part that happens for a while, but eventually people get sick of it. Poker players or any regular customers want to feel appreciated.
Their parking is great security is great
There food selection and food quality is far from great .
Some of the floor and floor/ chip runners can have an attitude, don't know what going on , don't pay attention , and flat out don't maximize keeping the most tables going and the most customers happy. Instead of respecting the customer they treat them like they are a burden. Why move 2 floors to days to nights , when they have so much room for improvement ? You want you best crew during peak times , you would think .
There hourly rake back is fair and I understand there need to go down to $200 every half hr for the time being. But to not tell anyone and do it secretly is scammy .
And the paperwork? All the paper work? Look for the most part we all donate over time here then having to fill out paperwork for $200 high hands and rake back $ ? Then asking players when their in an active game to come up to the podium and fill out the rest of your paperwork? Next time you ask me you to get up off the live game you can pay my blinds for me .
I hope they find a way to improve. Muckleshoot poker still has potential but they need to really try to make improvements. Ones that make sense for the customers, for the employees and for the long term success and profitability of this room.

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