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slowlew wrote a review about Oaks Card Club in Emeryville, CA

Oaks Card Room - Better than I expected.

After reading some Yelp reviews I thought this place might be a little bit sketchy.

The area was not as bad as people reported. There are some homeless people in the area, but seem harmless. As with most places, it helps to be aware of your surroundings. I took a walk down the block and felt safe (it was daylight). The area is on the edge of Berkeley and has some of the same characteristics as the University town.

I went there for the Monday night $160 bounty tournament.$100 goes to the tournament($100, $20 fee) and $40 for bounty.

the tournament was held in a little corner, which was actually nice to be away from the main poker floor. It started out with approximately 30 players and with re entries and late entries it turned out to be about 46 players total.

The levels were 20 minutes long and the blinds and anties increased at a decent level.

For some reason I never do great in bounty tournaments, especially when it comes to getting bounties.I did pick up one and a half bounties in this tournament and ended up coming in fourth place for $560. I was happy with the structure and the administration of this tournament regardless of how I placed.

Earlier I ate at their Hof-Brau which was pretty tasty. The price was ok and the portions were healthy.

From my perspective the action on the floor was pretty good with plenty of tables and a wide variety of games

Food and Drink

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