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juhaze wrote a review about Oaks Card Club in Emeryville, CA

Weekly Tournaments

This is an honest review of the Tournaments at the Oaks.
They have raised the buy-ins by about $10 for the monday night bounty and for the wednesday Night tourny. Also the wednesday is a re enter and no longer a One rebuy tourny. The competion at the Oaks is pretty light imho which is good and bad. The good is obvious but the bad means more weird plays and gambles, hence some bad beats but these tournys are fun and sometimes a good prize pool. I like the Monday boutys where and knock out earns you $40!

The wednesday night tourny usually gets over a hundred entrants, not including re entries and has a pretty good prize pool but its more of a crap shoot imo. Still fun though and if lucky you can cash in for a few G's. I like the Oaks also because once at the final table most folks are cool with a chip chop of some sort.

Floor people and dealers and servers are nice without attitude and the Margaritas are good;) They also have a 1-1-2 and a 2-3-5 No limit game and well always open new tables if they have enough on the waiting list. I think the blind structure is actually too much. Should only be 1-3 and 3-5 for a 200 max and a 500 max buy in. The games are best on the weekends. Can be a tough game sometimes, a mix of gamblers and some pretty good players in the 2-3-5 game. The 1-1-2 game can get good and is way more laid back. I cant comment on limit games bc I dont play them but I know they have limit up to 30/60.

Place is a little ghetto but overall a nice place to check out. Food is good too.

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