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IamLion wrote a review about Oaks Card Club in Emeryville, CA

your Personal Poker Tour bucket list MUST!!

I have played all over the nation. I play in a new state almost every week. This is my second session at the Oaks. The place deserves the five star rating. I appreciate the energizing atmosphere, competition, racial equality and diversity, service, and most importantly the poker!

The tournament I played yesterday was exciting and challenging! There is a certain level of flow in Oakland; Emeryville that can only be appreciated once experienced. This place has history, talent, service, and the dollars make sense for MTT Holdem players. Equally as important as the dollars the experience makes sense...

The local poker players here almost all understand poker etiquette and you can't help but appreciate the level of talent in one atmosphere. The people are friendly and it's always a better experience when the experience is fun!

Thanks for the great experience to the Oaks and it's heartbeat, the players...

To the security guard that made the joke with me about the $10.00

To the lady that entered me into the tournament the first time... who saw me leave after 30 seconds by losing to pocket aces...only to return for a second shot after talking with the wife.

To the poker floor manager that was humble, hard working, and respectful.

To the cashier that smiles as I cashed out my second place winnings.

To the Oaks overall.

To the players of Oaks.

To the lady that was my waitress.

To Kimo who won the tournament with me. Two way chop. First and second place.

To all of the cool people at the final table as well as the people throughout the tournament.

A Poker bucket list for anyone...

Another great memory on this beautiful journey.

Showing the west coast love back ...

All Heart

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