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I used to play at Ocean's a lot in 2016 when I was working in the San Diego area every other week. I recently started going again - 2.5 years later - while on a new contract in the area. I was happy to see that not much had changed. They have a nightly tournament during the week which, while it is a "turbo" for all intents and purposes, the blind progression is shallow enough that it doesn't get out of hand quickly.

I've only played cash a few times but there is always a full room with a spread of games. Oddly, the $1/$2 table has a cap of $60 (30bb) on the buy in. Most people add on as necessary so it only really limits what you can lose (and win) on a single hand. Just thought it was an odd break from the standard 100bb cap.

The facility is clean and the dealers and floor personnel are capable and attentive. It's actually a really well run room.

It's also nice that the reasonable food is discounted to players at the tables. I usually simply eat dinner there during a tournament.

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