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vrberg wrote a review about Parq Vancouver in Vancouver, BC

long waiting lists but good

Nice people, dealers, staff, friendly and nice location and hotel BUT someone / ie:
Manage needs to step up and do a better job with organizing. Long lists and waiting times... I waited for the 2-5 game multi times this week for hours at a time and never got on... Only 8 table at Parq but it seems like the balance of tables are rarely correct.. only one 2-5 game mostly.. wouldn't you want higher limit games that attract more money into the casino and push 2-5 but only normally have 5 tables of 1-2 and 2 ohamas , disappointing, as last time I was there there were 25 live players for 2-5 and hardly no waiting list for Ohama. You would think the staff can predict this better? Lol...happens all the time.
Plus I went to Villa because they consistently have two 2-5 games and I notice all the dealers are 30% faster.. another mis managed item, IMO..
it's like going to dinner and the waiter is terribly slow... anyways, would you want this at your restaurant ? Slowest dealers probably in North America (not al tho) and because of this they are losing money.
Really nice people once again but the ship need to sail better.

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