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BE CAREFUL wrote a review about Parq Vancouver in Vancouver, BC


Before this week I last played in this room when it was across the road at Edgewater in 2009. I did some consulting re the winter olympics, ended up playing early mornings a few days in a row.

I remember one incompetent supervisor, total doofus who didn't know how to run a fair room, ruling a hand at 2-5 a misdeal when there was $300 in the pot and a player facing a raise when the dealer mistakenly dropped the stub into the muck because he fell asleep at

Doofy refused to listen to all the players who know the rules and obviously cheated to favor his friend at the table, I was told after. I vowed to never play in that room again after being laughed at by a manager.

Thirteen years later upon my return to Vancouver I figure the same clowns can't still be working the room on the same shift so I try Parq. At 6 a.m. there is Doofy the 4 ft tall poker room supervisor doing the same stupid tricks he did in 2009. The guy who laughed at me in 2009 is now casino manager!!

I ask people why they play here and they tell me 'only game in town'.


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