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introl wrote a review about Parq Vancouver in Vancouver, BC

The best you'll find in Vancouver

I must say I'm surprised with the previous reviews. Have these guys ever played in Vancouver for the past 4 years ?

Finally, we have here a poker room that actually looks like a modern 2015+ standard, as you can find almost anywhere in the US. It's a huge step up compared to what we had before !

The place is clean, bright, conveniently located. The average players level is ridiculous : at least 70% recreational/over-superstitious gamblers/regfishs. The new tables are bigger, all equiped with the live Poker Atlas tracking system which allows you to know in real time how many tables are running and how many people on the waiting list. Chairs are comfy, the air smells good, the AC is working...

Plus you now get $1 per hour comp. It's not much but better than nothing and proves that they take poker seriously with all these investment.

Only 6 tables for now, but there is huge potential for expansion, you can easily fit 12 tables and still have plenty of room to circulate.

Of course it just opened, so they're not ready on everything, they need to add some screens, especially one showing the waiting lists ; get more waitresses on duty, ideally set a station with self service water and coffee for players.

They hired and trained new dealers during the last weeks of Edgewater, so obviously some of them are slow, but they're improving over time. And the old ones are very good and friendly. Management is top notch, miles ans miles ahead other YVR rooms...

And please don't listen those, probably working for other PR, trying to mislead you (no, the rake is not $15, no parking is not $3/h). Have a look by yourselves and make your own judgement.

And by the way, yes you have to pay for parking but if you can't afford this you probably can't afford to play live poker either. And you still can take the skytrain or park across Cambie Bridge, plenty of free parking in the small streets thete, then walk 10 minutes.

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