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hawgfather wrote a review about Players Casino in Ventura, CA

Changed my Opinion - New Review

I reviewed this casino about 3 years ago. Since then, much has changed. While the staff and dealers are still top-notch, the games and tournaments have been negatively altered. The tourneys are poorly conceived. The fees are $15 out of a $55 buy-in on most. The levels are 18 minutes and the blinds go up astronomically fast. Where there used to be 50 entrants, there are now 30. The cash games have suffered from managements greed as well. The rake on the $1-$2 No Limit tables is $5 every hand, unless there are no callers to blinds and they agree to "chop". So, if you raise to $4 and get one caller from the big blind, your pot is now $4. If your caller folds on the flop, you break even. The other rakes are just as bad.
There are "bad beat jackpots" but the requirements are crazy. Must be at least quad over quad with both hole cards playing from both hands, They don't hit very often.
The food is good, but management jacked the prices and cut back on the portion sizes as well.
So, greed is good, unless you are looking for a good deal at your local card room.

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