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Players Casino has Deck Mate 2 shuffle machines on all the live poker tables. Tournament tables are hand shuffled.
Bad beat jackpots for Hold 'Em and Omaha are seeded at $1000. There is no additional jackpot drop, but the Casino adds $100/day to Hold 'Em and $50/day to Omaha jackpots. Time collection games are excluded from the jackpot.
Massage therapists on site from around 9am to around 9pm daily. Massage is $1/minute.
Car wash and wax is available while you play. Basic wash costs around $20 according to the size of your car. Interior detailing is also available.
Wi-Fi is complimentary, no password required.
The 3/5 NL runs more regularly than the 5/10 which means pretty much every day and frequently two tables. It is a must-move game.
PLO Tuesday-Saturday. (The host takes Sunday & Monday off)
The PLO game is always played alternating rounds of high only and then high/low 8 or better, unless the game is short handed and the players agree to play exclusively high/low.

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