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knewnan2 wrote a review about Players Casino in Ventura, CA

A giant, inbred home game

Terrible comps, cramped facility, mediocre food. Great dealers. I play 2/3, logged over 80 hours there before realizing it's not worth the easier drive from the west valley. Quality of play is extremely poor, but difficult to exploit. Horrible mix of nitty regs and gamblers with no regard for money or mathematics. Small player pool, almost everyone knows each other and not in a good way. I have logged 150 total poker sessions this year and over 450 hours, and although Players only accounts for about 20 % of that time, it represents 90 percent of my least enjoyable poker experiences. I threw my players card away in hopes that I never foolishly show up again. They have a geographic monopoly and it shows. If you have other options, take them.

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