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anony wrote a review about Players Casino in Ventura, CA

Players Casino is a mediocre one

The Players Casino in Ventura is a great casino to go to if you want to avoid going down the 101 and 405 during rush hour traffic. It is quite a small casino but has plenty of tables for its size and you don't have to wait very long to get seated. They are diligent in opening new tables when the waiting list fills up. The service there is excellent and the food quality is good as well.

My only gripe with the casino is their drop. It's $5 on the flop regardless of pot size. This means that if you're playing 1/2 NL and the pot is $5 on the flop, you're playing for $0. It doesn't help that the maximum buy-in for 1/2 is 50bb ($100), so not only is the drop really large, you're also capped at 50bb making the format essentially a rake trap. You simply just cannot sustain a good winrate in a format where you're getting raked $5/hand no matter what and you cannot buy-in for more. Small pots are just not worth playing and playing bigger pots is higher variance due to the short buy-in.

If you're going to play at this casino with any level of seriousness, then you're best playing 2/3 NL or higher as you're able to buy in for 100bb in those formats.

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