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CaptainSalty wrote a review about Plaza Casino in Las Vegas, NV

How horribly the poker room is run

Up until today I played the $5 5pm tournament on a quite regular basis. Tonight I had learned that the poker room no longer offered complimentary drinks to tournament players. If you were to do the double stack buy in you got 1 free drink coupon. I understand why they changed their policy, the bums from down the street buy in for 5 bucks and order dozens of drinks but some of us players arent homeless bums. Second, the electronic PokerPro tables are frequently having technical issues and the poker room staff arent very capable of keeping them running smoothy in a timely and efficient manner. Lastly the poker room staff informed me that the first 5 dollars of the buy in goes to the casino and the rest of the 5 and 10 dollar add ons go directly into the prize pool. It completely baffles me then of how the prize pool could end in any other number besides a 5 or a zero. I firmly believe the poker room hosts are skimming the prize pool because for the amount of rebuys and add ons the prize pool is very small.


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Baz wrote a review about Plaza Casino in Las Vegas, NV

Fun at the Plaza!

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