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After my first visit I gotta say, I really like this place. So much in fact that I will probably pass up the other card rooms (which are closer to my place) just to play here. The establishment is very clean and well lit, as is the parking lot (very important). The front desk clerk was very helpful and informative. The dealers were mostly on top of their game. I say mostly because there were a couple minor incidents I witnessed where the dealer dropped the ball. The action here is crazy too. Maybe it's just how we do in Texas. Go big or go home, ya know. I played in a $1-$2 game. There were $10-$15 button straddles and $130 preflop raises... in a $1-$2 game! Unreal. So bring your roll and check your fear at the door. This place is for players.

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Announcements from Rounders Card Club

SATURDAY JUNE 29TH 2PM $20,000 GTD TRIPLE STACK! $250 Total Buy In. 30,000 Chips. Re Buys $220 30K Chips. Add On $100 20K Chips. 20 Min Levels. Last Triple Stack Paid out over $40,000!
SUNDAY June 30th 2pm - $8,600 Guaranteed DeepFreeze! $175 Total Buy In - 25K Chips, No Rebuys, No Add On. This will be a weekly event and each week we hit the Guarantee we will raise it!
Monday 7pm $1,000 GTD FREEROLL w/$20 Re Buys.
Tuesday 7pm $1,500 GTD Deepstack $50 Buy In. 15K Chips. 1 Re Buy if Bust. No Add On
Wednesday 7pm $6,200 GTD Freezeout $80 Buy In 20K Chips. GT Keeps going UP!!
Thursday 7pm $1,500 GTD Deepstack $50 Buy In. 15K Chips. 1 Re Buy if Bust. No Add On
Friday 7pm $2,500 GTD FREEROLL!
Saturday 2pm $20,000 GTD Triple Stack! $250 Total Buy In. 30K Chips. $100 Add On 20K Chips. Late Reg till 4:20pm
6pm $1,000 GTD FREEROLL
Sunday 2pm $8,600 GTD DeepFreeze $175 Total Buy in, 25K Chips Freezeout. No Re Buys, No Add On.
6pm $1,000 GTD FREEROLL
All FREEROLL Formats are 8K Chips with $20 Re Buys anytime your at 10K or Less Chips. Add On at Break $20 12K Chips or $40 25K
$20 Time Deposit and $3 Check in Fee Required for all Tournaments unless otherwise noted.

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