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DJPa12TLP# wrote a review about The Orleans in Las Vegas, NV

BE WARNED Poker Players!

I love poker like many players out there. I like to play in a fair game. The Orleans Poker Room will cheat you. Be warned! Don't play here! They will cheat you.
On Super Bowl Sunday, I was in a 2/5 No-Limit game where I was in a head's up hand with one other player. On the river card, the other player bet $75. I was definitely going to fold my hand, but decided to posture before doing so. The dealer Tammy suddenly throws the all-in button towards me and the other player revealed his cards, which was a winning hand. Then she states that she heard me say something, even though I said nothing. I swear on my brother, father and mother's graves that I never said anything. I certainly didn't say call, since I was just about to fold the hand. I was forced to pay the $75 on the river due to a dealer's error.
I've played poker in a lot of poker rooms, but I will never play here again. Be warned. The Orleans poker room will cheat you out of your $!
Toby L. Patterson

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