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Pokerants wrote a review about The Orleans in Las Vegas, NV

Management issues, promotions lol.

My first experience was to follow a buddy in to this disastrous room. Being a local, I still have never played here. Apparently it used to be better. The graveyard manager rules with some sort of Napoleon complex where it's his way or the high way. In one night, I heard him say shut up over the pa comm 3 times. Rulings are all out of whack. The majority of dealers have a sense of what's going on and there are a few standouts. Let's put it this way, playing 8/16 I witnessed one of the best dealers at 5:00am dealing this game, not one mistake, and at least 18 or 19 hands. This guy was good. As a matter a fact I asked him if he wanted to move to Seattle to work in the room I have partnership in up there. The very next deal, some Chinese girl, glasses, couldn't speak a lick of English. Wonder how much she got juiced in for. No idea how to read a board and dealt about 9 hands. Promotions... Oh my. I felt that I needed to reincarnate my BA in English in order to interpret what the @#$% was going on. Hasn't the guy who made these promotions heard the term, "simple is more."? Majority of the customers are old, gray, and ready to say hello to the lord above and if playing poker was the way one wanted to spend their last days, they'd be grumpy. It's almost free entertainment. I haven't seen any of the other managers work but the one on grave is quite possibly the rudest, incompetent, piece of work I've ever run across in a customer service based industry. I also heard something today from an Omaha player, I think his name was Todd... He said that the promotional money is shared between Omaha and Holdem but holdem drops $2 promo money rather than $2. Won't see me playing Holdem in this place. I guess the best thing about this place is the cocktail service. They're attentive and fast.

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