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been playing a long time at the Orleans casino.i only play hi lo Omaha.only place left in las vegas that plays it now.and they have the best players in the world playing here now.gets tougher all the time.very few gamblers nowadays.isnt like the old days.theyve mostly died or to old to play I where else to that's it.they don't let people smoke near the rails like they use to but still the second hand smoke is bothersome.ive know players that played for years here and never smoked but died of smoke related illness.some in their forties and know the players that played bad they let smoking continue.i know when I leave here after playing a few hours I don't feel good.can feel that nicotine in my system.theres no safe air quality in any casino that allows smoking. a study concluded that over 100 casino workers die every year as a direct result of second hand smoke in the casino

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