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Georgiayank wrote a review about The Poker Room in Duluth, GA

Chaos, Anarchy and Mayhem

Have now been here a few times since my first review. Then, the place seemed like a newly opened room trying to get its act together, although at the time of my review they had been open for several months. Based on last few visits, they've seem to have given up getting their act together and just decided to wing it and see what happens. The hours have been different every time I've gone and also different from what is advertised on this site. Pretty much all normal poker and room rules are only enforced on a random basis -- for example, players being dealt hands when their time is up; tipping using tokens only; moving tables etc. etc. Dealers run the gamut from the very experienced to the completely clueless. It's literally like the Wild West including their own heavily armed sheriff. Food is decent and waitress service excellent, so there is that. And what every poker player really cares about -- the action is crazy, i.e., excellent. So long as you can accept the craziness of it all I guess it's worth it. PS: Room is supposedly a charity like the other Georgia room. Unlike the other room which seems to do everything possible and then some to keep their charity status (i.e., videos and posts highlighting their charity events), total silence here. Or if not silent, they do a good job making sure no one knows about their charity efforts. Which should scare the owners and any players who happen to be there if and when someone of authority decides to question the charity status.

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Madsocca wrote a review about The Poker Room in Duluth, GA


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pt777 wrote a review about The Poker Room in Duluth, GA

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