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Veritas wrote a review about TI Poker Room in Las Vegas, NV

Avoid at all costs

Although the actual condition of the room was nice (the table and furniture were not ratty or excessively worn), the room was very small and dimly lit. It was very cramped and the chairs were not very comfortable. The tables were nice, but I was not a fan of the chips, although I am told they are high-end plastic, they are still plastic.

The players I encountered were of two types: rocks and maniacs. Several were very drunk and they were not exactly the smartest players I have seen. Most players were playing a questionable amount of hands, but they did not act like this was their first time in a card room. In other words, there was a lot more gambling than poker playing going on.

The dealers were terrible, and I am slightly embarrassed for them. They did not handle situations at the table very well, for instance:

Three players with large amounts of cash in front of them were discussing their hands with each other, as well as discussing what they thought other players were holding, even when one or both were still in the hand. Twice they began raising and re-raising each other when an obviously tight player entered a pot, then when the other player folded, they would verbally ask each other if the other one "wants to check it down" then turn over their cards, all this before the turn. I was shocked and was about to say something when the dealer said "You guys are crazy", laughed, and dealt out the remaining cards. I figured at this point is was best to simply leave.

There was absolutely no attempt to make players act in turn, or to respect the betting line. Several of the players mentioned above would call and fold out of turn, and once again the dealer would either ignore the situation or laugh it off.

The service must have been good because that is the only reason I can imagine people would want to play there.

The management was very young and they did not seem to know what was going on. They were not sure of the blinds and not sure about the buy-in amounts for the cash game I wanted to play in. They kept asking me if I wanted to get in the tournament, which I did not want to enter in. They also did nothing to stop the bad etiquette going on at my table. The only thing they did correctly was get me to my table in a professional manner.

I have no idea, but I am sure it is terrible. I did notice they had some high hand jackpots, but they were nothing to amazing, because I cannot remember them.

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