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Grind House wrote a review about TI Poker Room in Las Vegas, NV

Best Low-Roller Tournaments in Vegas

Room is nice, comfortable and accessible. Plenty of TV's for following NBA/Stanley Cup. Hotel guests have to pass by going to and from pool which means it's good for people watching during breaks (if you know what I mean). Overall a great laid-back vibe.

I'm a typical recreational player who understands basic concepts about poker, and poker tournaments, nothing special. In these tournaments I'm like Phil Ivey. Lots of first timers and people who watch poker on tv -- maybe three good players per table. I played 7 tournaments in 4 days, two way chopping twice, outright second once, and bubble +1 in another. I was a profitable SnG player online before Black Friday. The size and structure of these tourneys mean that if you understand SnG strategy you have a leg up even on some good players who don't.

Dealers were great. All are personable, and technically sound. In 7 tournaments I saw two misdeals. They are all very skilled at keeping the game moving and helping the novice players along. All have a great sense of humor as well. Well, maybe except for one older guy who's a bit cranky-no-nonsense, but watching him handle players was its own form of entertainment.

Good regular service. One very attractive lady has been working in this room for years and I was happy to see she was still there.

Management, like dealers, were laid-back and professional at the same time. Tournaments were well run.

Can't really speak to this since all I played was tournaments (although, last year I believe they were swiping cards even for tournaments). But based on the fact that regulars get paid to play in the cash games, I'd have to say that's pretty good.

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jb218 wrote a review about TI Poker Room in Las Vegas, NV

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