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Stealth wrote a review about TI Poker Room in Las Vegas, NV

Great Times, Good comps, Nice management

Room is a nice smaller room with sufficient space for the amount of players inside. Also the room was fairly well appointed and had several TVs so you could catch the ball games. The chairs are fairly comfortable but after playing several hours, I started to feel it. However, I played way too long without taking enough breaks so that's probably my fault.

I myself am a newbie so my rating is relative. I stuck with the 2-4 tables for my entire trip along with 2 of the $65 tourneys. At the low limit table it consisted mainly of tourists playing no fold-em hold'em and very loose and passive. Great for me to get my feet wet and not lose a ton of money to good players. My friend played the 1-3NL with less success and I got a sense that your tougher local players feasted on the other tourists that prefer no limit. But for 2-4 limit, I could float along for quite a long time without risk of losing much.

Almost all but a couple of dealers were very friendly, cordial, and professional. Dealing at the 2-4 tables with drunk tourists and inexperienced players can probably get frustrating but I thought the dealers did a great job chatting us up and were genuinely trying to promote a good time.

The lady working the very late night shift or the early morning shift was super! She was bringing us drinks or offering them more often than we could gulp them down. As for the busier evening periods, I heard some complaining but I found that the drinks were always available when I needed them. I didn't go thirsty.

All the shift managers were cordial, friendly, and very helpful. Even though I was a low stakes player, I felt that they treated me with respect and appreciated my patronage. Special note about Chris who worked late at night...he put up with some pretty obnoxious (but funny) drunks and really handled some situations well. I can see someone else with less patience turning it into a bad scene...but he was able to work through the situation by making his point but still keeping it friendly. Chris also helped me with some minor problems with my poker room rate, see next section. Thanks Chris!

The $2 per hour comps allowed me to eat for free in the casino. It paid for all of my meals at TI. Mind you, I was not with my wife so I ate at the Coffee Shop restaurant for cheaper dinner and breakfasts....I also got the poker room rate of $129/night which saved me $140 over two nights. I had some technical issues with getting the front desk to credit the comps and had to make a walk from the lobby to Chris at the room to straighten it out. But overall, I thought the comps were excellent.

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jb218 wrote a review about TI Poker Room in Las Vegas, NV

Quality Game

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