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acetenguy wrote a review about TI Poker Room in Las Vegas, NV

Lots of money on the tables here!

Being less than 2 years old, everything in the room is new, and in great shape. The fact it is away from the main casino is fantastic in my opinion, and it is right next to Ben/Jerry's, Starbucks, and Kahunaville if you get hungry/thirsty. For those that like to look at the ladies, this place is loaded with drop dead talent both as dealers and management. Sorry to call you out ladies, but it may get you more business!!! They are almost all married, but it's still worth seeing what I am talking about fellas. Plasma TV's all around make it no problem to follow your sport through the day/night as well.

I have played 1/2 or 2/5 no limit for several years, and the competition here is easy compared to where I live in St Louis. There are less than 5 locals making money on a daily basis here, meaning the rest of the players are from out of town. Most of them are not daily players, so it is not too tough, but definately fun. The tourneys are a gold mine for the room as they seem to always sell out. Players from 2/4 limit, all the way up the chain seem to flock to these things. I no longer play limit games, but TI does spread a 2/4 game I believe. The mixed game is a different story. Whenever a group wants to play a mixed game, they will spread it. The players there are obviously more skilled, but they seem to keep it at a 3/6 limit, and on past trips it was a LOT of fun to play the various games. The amount of money at the tables was higher than past trips here at the 1/3 game (its a 2/5 in reality), with a lot of money in play throughout my stay.

Thumbs up to Dom, Brad, Isaac, Matt, Rick, Vance, Nam, Pedro, and too many others to mention. Thumbs down to Kristi as she could never find me a masseuse at the tables after 12-15 hours a day sitting at a table. The money was real I promise!!!! For people that have never been to TI, you get a poker players card, they swipe you in at the table, and they will call you name from that point on as it appears on a screen in front of the dealer. They don't care if you play every day, or have never played, but they will treat you with respect, and keep the game fun. Tip these guys/gals, as they earn their money here. A quick example: I convinced 5 people to chop in a tourney when we got 6 handed. Two of them were a husband/wife, and the wife was a huge chip leader at the table, but had little poker experience. After chopping, she was hysterically happy as I and dealers explained she really won. Noticing her excitement, the on-duty manager, and Dom the dealer suggested they take her picture with a mountain of chips in front of her. As silly as it sounds, she was in pure heaven, and it was a cool gesture on their part. I have seen things like that consistently while playing there, and it is one reason I keep coming back.

As I don't drink alcohol while playing, I don't pay much attention, but I noticed they had a great beer selection, and waitresses were always in the room.

The best in the poker room business hands down. They have a longtime poker boss (Mr Coffin) running the show, with great people under him. Troy is still the man, and Michelle/Danette/Perry/Jeff/Kristi and others are as accomodating as they can possibly be to everyone who walks in the room. The list is computerized, and can even be accessed from your room if you stay at TI. The fact they will spread any game, at any limit, also says a lot about the management. I know LasVegasMichael stopped in for some razz and omaha while I was there on Saturday. I'm still kicking myself for not playing by the way!!! as no one likes Razz as much as me!!!

As soon as you sit down, they swipe your card at the table. If you don't have one, be sure and get one, as you will earn $2 an hour while you play. I have never seen better than that anywhere. The restaurants are incredible at TI with 5 GREAT places (The Steak House/Social House/Isla etc), and several good ones. If you play a lot, you will eat very well, for free, with their comps. They now also have a nice high hand and jackpot system which is new to the room. As I've played 8 zillion hours in poker rooms, and have never hit one, I really don't care. However, this week, after losing a monster hand (5 high straight flush under a 7 high straight flush), I was REALLY GLAD to get paid off on the high hand.

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