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TheGameKat wrote a review about TI Poker Room in Las Vegas, NV

More Island Than Treasure

A custom-built poker room with comfortable chairs, 9-handed games to accommodate the ever-increasing girth of the average poker player, far away from smoke and slots. The location places it cunningly on the route between the pool and guest elevators and adds another element to seat jockeying. Sounds too good to be true? It is. While I am not adverse to checking out the pool-to-elevator traffic, the whistling of one regular at any pretty girl sent me to Google Translate to find the Cantonese for \\"Sir, you are a scumbag.\\" From a more practical angle, the quiet location means there are very few table game drunks staggering in to the poker room to \\"try their luck.\\" One additional thought to the casino in general: if you want people to refer to your establishment as \\"TI\\" (or the even edgier \\"t i\\"), I suggest you remove the bright white letters towards the top of your guest towers. They are visible on final approach into McCarran from 6,500 feet.

Since the table game drunks mentioned above provide 90% of my poker income, the competition is too tough for me. Too many decent local grinders taking advantage of the cash-back promo. I imagine a regular 2/5 player might like the 1/3 game because it can get quite active, but I am much more comfortable with passive fish. Every now and then a tourist would wander in and be greeted by eight pairs of heavy-lidded eyes contemplating stacking them.

Proficient, quick, polite, and quiet which I prefer. Would get a \\"5\\" except for a badly mishandled situation with a customer complaining about a player showing his cards to a neighbor. \\"It\\'s not a big deal,\\" is not a suitable observation from a dealer.

I mostly drink water and unless the waitresses appearance makes me jump I rarely worry about how pretty they are. One cocktail waitress has a habit of hovering in a darkened corner of the room in a rather ominous fashion, sort of like you see on televised poker shows but more goth.

Mostly excellent in terms of attentiveness to customers and the overall functioning of the room. Again missed the \\"5\\" rating due to floor siding far too enthusiastically with the dealer after the inappropriate comment mentioned above. I understand it is important for floor to protect their dealers, but not when the dealer is obviously out of line.

The pay-to-play and other promos are extremely attractive to high-volume grinders. That is of course why this room plays so tough. It is the riddle of the Sphinx, despite having absolutely nothing to do with the Luxor.

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